1. Terms and definitions

1.1. Group is a thematic community or page created by users on the Social Network for the purpose of sharing content.

1.2. Event is a community similar to a group, created for the purpose of holding one or several thematic events.

1.3. Public group/event is a group/event in which the Content is available to every user of the Social Network.

1.4. Private group/event is a group/event in which the Content is available to a user only after joining it.

1.5. Group/event name is a title that reflects the common theme of the group's/event's content.

1.6. Content means posts, promo posts, images, audio recordings, moments, group names and their avatars, and videos posted in the group/community.

1.7. Administrator is the Social Network user who created the group/event.

1.8. Moderator is the Social Network user who joined the group and was appointed by the group administrator to moderate the group/event.

1.9. Group Participant is a Social Network user who joined the group or event.

1.10. Post means non-promotional thematic content that is posted in the group/event by the administrator, moderator, or one of the group participants.

1.11. Promo Post is a post that does not fit the theme of the group/event and contains an advertisement in the form of an image, text, external link to an advertised resource, and/or internal link to another group/event, game, application, video, or poll.

1.12. Photo album/photo contest means a section of the group/event where users upload images of various categories.

1.13. Poll is a topic created by the administrator, moderator, or one of the group/event participants for the purpose of conducting a survey.

1.14. News Feed is the format used for displaying group/event content to the user.

1.15. Repost means a link to the Content that is posted in the group/event by the Administrator, Moderator, or one of the Group Participants or that is posted by the user in his/her private post.

1.16. Penalty Points mean a Temporary Penalty for a group/community for violating the group regulations. The procedure for calculating penalty points is described in clause 8 of these regulations.

1.17. Secret group/event is a group/event in which the Content is available to a user only after receipt of an invitation from the group participants.

1.18. Product means a material containing an advertisement for the sale of a product/service on a group showcase.

1.19. A moment is a photo, video, text, card or other type of material placed in the Moments section of the group.

2. General Provisions

2.1. All content posted in the Social Network's groups/events shall comply with the laws of the Russian Federation, including, but not limited to, advertising laws, anti-monopoly laws, information laws, and the odnoklassniki.ru License Agreement, available online at: https://www.ok.ru/regulations, in particular, these Requirements.

2.2. The rules and provisions of these regulations shall apply equally to both private, secret and public groups/events, as well as their participants and content.

2.3. If a group's/event's photo album contains advertisements (i.e. images and/or descriptions) that are not related to the group's content, this photo album must be posted as a Promo Post.

2.4. All Promo Posts shall be tagged with the word "promo".

2.5. Before being posted, all Promo Posts of a group/event on the Social Network shall be pre-moderated and checked for compliance with group regulations, laws of the Russian Federation, and the Social Network's advertisement policy.

2.6.  Event reports shall not be considered as advertisements unless they include an external link.

2.7. Any links to websites with promotional content shall be posted as Promo Posts.

2.8. If the group/event name, group/event content or promotion process violates the group/event rules, this group/event may be blocked forever, without a chance to be unblocked.

2.9. Requirements for the design and scope of the Products similar to the requirements for Promo post.

2.10. Groups/events shall use the Products to publish ads for the sale of products/services from the group participants, otherwise the group/event may be awarded penalty points up to an administrative block.

3. General requirements for Content

Content shall be relevant, fair, true and shall not:

3.1. violate exclusive, private, non-property and other rights of third parties, including, but not limited to, trademarks (service marks) and objects of copyright and related rights;

3.2. contain information constituting trade secrets of third parties if they did not give consent to disclose this information;

3.3. denigrate the honor, dignity, or business reputation of a person or legal entity;

3.4. compel others to engage in illegal activities, or encourage violence or cruelty;

3.5. demonstrate smoking and the consumption of alcohol, including beer and beer-based beverages;

3.6. contain obscene words or expressions, obscene and offensive images, including language referencing tragic events;

3.7. contain low-quality images, or sexually explicit or graphic images (including images of nude or provocatively dressed people, diseases, injuries, accidents, dead people or animals, etc.);

3.8. contain comparisons of the promotional item to other items on the market produced by other manufacturers or sold by other retailers;

3.9. contain designations that the goods/services being promoted have been approved by state agencies, local executive agencies, or any officers thereof.

3.10. contain information that may provoke a negative reaction from the user or denigrate the honor, dignity, or business reputation of a person or organization;

3.11. contain content and polls in Promo Posts not related to the Promo Post.

3.12. The groups containing materials classified for persons aged 18 and older (https://ok.ru/help/6/3531/4030) must contain the information age limit mark "18+". The Licensor has the right to set the group to "18+", and also to change the type of group/community from open to closed without the possibility of changing the type of group/community by their administrator.

3.13.  The groups/communities that have content for persons aged 18 and older, but do not set the "18+" mark, may be awarded penalty points up to administration block.

4. Requirements for Composing Posts, Promo Posts and Products

4.1. Requirements for the Promo Post's heading and text:

4.1.1. the heading and text of a Promo Post shall be composed in proper Russian, or in any other language localized by the Social Network, without mistakes, typos, or abbreviations (except for commonly used abbreviations);

4.1.2. the text of a Promo Post shall correspond to the category of the advertised website or group/event and shall properly describe the offer;

4.1.3. the text of a Promo Post shall not contain jargon, slang, offensive expressions, or vulgar content that violates laws of the Russian Federation;

4.1.4. before using full names of real people in the text, the group shall first provide an attested scanned copy of their permission.

4.2. Promo Posts shall not contain:

4.2.1. special symbols, writing in s p a c i n g, in UPPER CASE. Commonly used abbreviations composed of the first letters of abbreviated words shall be an exception (e.g. "USA" etc.);

4.2.2. digital amplifiers, irrelevant to the content of the message, such as "Shocking", "Sensation", "Hit", etc.;

4.2.3. foreign and special symbols used instead of Cyrillic characters;

4.2.4. more than one exclamation point in a row in the text of a Promo Post;

4.2.5. more than one parenthesis in a row, used to create a smiley face;

4.2.6. intentional repetition of words and phrases in the text;

4.2.7. content that is irrelevant to the Promo Post's subject.

4.2.8. obscene words or expressions, including language referencing tragic events (for example: murder, death, act of terror, or funeral). This also applies to videos, audios, and images used in the promo (except for movie, book, or performance trailers);

4.2.9.  any Reposts or hashtags, except for the hashtag "Polls" automatically published when a poll is created.

4.2.10. calls to click the "Like" button or repost in the text of the Promo Post.

4.3. Requirements for Images and Other Content in Posts and Promo Posts.

4.3.1. An image shall correspond to the text of the Promo Post, the category of the website being advertised, and the nature of promoted goods.

4.3.2. It is prohibited to use any images, including GIFs, as previews for links and videos, if such images:

– imitate the style or the logo of the Social Network or any elements of its interface;

– strain the viewer's eyes;

– are provocative and sexual in nature (e.g., resemble advertisements for porn websites);

– are copyrighted (unless the copyright holder has given official permission to use such images), i.e. contain flags, coats of arms, state awards, emblems of municipal structures, or religious symbols;

– photos and images of public figures — famous musicians, writers, athletes, show hosts, etc. – without their personal written permission;

– contain obscene or triggering content that is meant to prompt a negative response from users of the Social Network;

– contain content that offends cultural/religious views.

4.3.3.  Images of the Products must not contain links to websites, phone numbers or any other contact information.

4.4. Requirements for Websites Referenced in the Content.

4.4.1.  It is prohibited to refer users to pages/websites that:

– make it difficult for a user to close or leave the page (for example, by blocking the Back button in the user’s browser);

– use pop-up windows (including those starting downloads) that appear upon opening the advertised page or website or upon leaving it;

– were created specifically for redirecting users to other websites (i.e. doorway websites);

– use designs and logos from other websites.

4.4.2. If a website referenced in a Promo Post advertises food, it must contain nutrition facts.

4.4.3. Publication of links in the Products is only available on behalf of the Group/events.

4.4.4. Links specified in the Products and Promo Posts shall lead only to website/page with a description of the product or service being sold and not to anything else.

5.  Prohibited Categories of Promo Posts and Other Materials

Promo Posts that include advertisements of goods or services whose production and distribution is prohibited or limited by applicable law, or ads that violate the internal advertisement policy of the Social Network and its subdomains, including, but not limited to:

5.1. Promo Posts advertising informational products that fall under the classification listed in Federal Law No. 436-FZ "On Protecting Children from Information Posing a Threat to their Health and Development" dated December 29, 2010 that do no indicate the category of said informational product;

5.2. Promo Posts advertising goods or services that require a license or other special permits in order to be produced/provided, if such permits have not been obtained;

5.3. Promo Posts advertising goods or services subject to mandatory certification or other mandatory confirmation of compliance with the requirements of technical regulations, if no such certification or confirmation has been obtained;

5.4. Promo Posts linked to remote distribution (sales) of goods, the open sale of which is prohibited or limited by the laws of the Russian Federation;

5.5. Promo Posts advertising alcoholic products, including beer and beer-based beverages, as well as Promo Posts advertising promotional events accompanied by the distribution of such products, and the activities of companies manufacturing such products;

5.6. Promo Posts advertising tobacco and tobacco-based products and smoking accessories, including electronic cigarettes, pipes, hookahs, rolling paper and lighters, as well as Promo Posts advertising promotional events accompanied by the distribution of such products, and the activities of companies manufacturing such products;

5.7. Promo Posts advertising explosive substances and materials, except for pyrotechnics;

5.8. Promo Posts advertising weapons, including weapons for self-defense, sports, hunting, and sending warning signals;

5.9. Promo Posts advertising drugs, mind-altering substances, smoking mixes, nitrous oxide (laughing gas), and any accessories for the use thereof;

5.10. Promo Posts advertising goods and services that are erotic in nature, including strip clubs, erotic massage, escort services, and other pornographic materials;

5.11. Promo Posts advertising medications, medical services, biologically active food supplements and additives, and baby food, unless they are pre-moderated by the Administration of the Social Network. Before publishing Promo Posts, it is necessary to send permits (certificate of registration, certificate of conformity) to Customer Support Team for approval.  Otherwise, the Licensor reserves the right to delete such content;

5.12. Promo Posts advertising services, activities, and products related to induced abortion;

5.13. Promo Posts that offer human organs and/or tissues for purchase or sale;

5.14. Activities related to high financial risk: casinos, betting, gambling, games of chance, wagering, sales of in-game currencies, betting offices, pyramid schemes, or HYIP projects;

5.15. Promo Posts advertising websites with information about ways to make money via the Internet;

5.16. Promo Posts advertising goods and services paid for via SMS;

5.17. Promo Posts advertising websites, programs, and services for hacking websites and spamming;

5.18. Promo Posts advertising websites that collect and process personal data and/or contact information (including phone numbers and e-mail addresses) and then collecting such information; parked pages, created for collecting personal data and/or contact information (including surveys that prompt the user to enter their e-mail address, phone number, etc.);

5.19. Promo Posts advertising pirated software, books, music, and movies;

5.20. Promo Posts containing commercial information and materials related to the supernatural and occult practices (magic, fortune telling, Satanism, hexes, witchcraft, rituals, prediction, faith healer and psychic services etc.);

5.21. Networking services: chat rooms, job search websites, weather forecasts, product searches (collecting and posting prices for goods), social networking websites, or current events (city entertainment). Materials containing advertising of dating services and game portals must be pre-approved through Customer Support Team;

5.22. Materials containing advertising of jewelry must be pre-approved through the Customer Support Team;

5.23. Materials containing advertising of online games must be pre-approved through the Customer Support Team;

5.24. Promo Posts advertising copies (replicas) of goods without the goods being noted as a copy;

5.25. Advertisements of a political nature, with the exception of pre-election campaigning which is carried out in compliance with all applicable legislative requirements;

5.26. Promo Posts leading to websites with advertisements that are not in compliance with these Requirements;

5.27. Promo Posts with references to expert endorsements of the goods being advertised, if these references are not officially authorized .

6. Ensuring User Loyalty and Security

 The Social Network prohibits advertisements that compromise users’ security or loyalty.

6.1. Misleading Information

It is prohibited to post advertisements that may mislead users regarding the properties, quality and quantity of the goods being promoted, or contain false information or improper comparisons to other items on the market produced by other manufacturers or sold by other retailers, including:

– advertisements promising unproven, improbable, or unrealistic benefits from using the promoted goods and services;

– advertisements containing unrealistic or unscientific statements;

– advertisements claiming that the goods have a license, official accreditation or registration, etc. if none of the above has been obtained.

6.2. Protection of Users’ Personal Data

It is prohibited to advertise resources that aim to collect users’ contact information (for example, posing as surveys, polls, quizzes, giveaways, video hosting and download services, etc.).

6.3. User Security

It is prohibited to advertise the following:

– resources that install malware on the user’s computer, as well as websites that can’t pass Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Google Chrome security checks;

– malware that utilizes the user's computer or network resources for disrupting system performance, stealing information, sending spam, scamming, and distributing malware;

– websites that collect SMS payments from the users or request the user's phone number;

– sites the pages of which host large amounts of advertising in the form of banners, links, GIF images and other advertising information of dubious nature.

– websites or any other information which, in the opinion of the Social Network's Administration, does not comply with the Social Network's policies or content requirements;

7. The Social Network prohibits the following activities:

7.1. posting more than three (3) Promo Posts per group/event within 24 hours;

7.2. promoting groups and events by promising gifts, as well as by using "botnets" and spamming mechanisms, artificially driving up the number of "Likes", "Votes", and responses to "Polls", placement of materials creating imaginary search for missing people, etc.;

7.3. advertising goods and groups by luring users with free virtual gifts ("Join and receive a gift!");

7.4. using any program or automated scripts designed to collect information on the Website and/or to interact with the Website;

7.5. replacing the content of the page being promoted with content that does not comply with these Requirements ( for instance, by redirecting or any other means) after the Promo Post passes pre-moderation;

7.6. imitating elements of the Social Network's interface, for instance, in link preview images, for the purpose of misleading the user;

7.7. deliberately specifying an incorrect group theme and incorrect tags for the purpose of being included in the catalog;

7.8. deliberately specifying an incorrect group name for the purpose of being included in unrelated search results;

7.9. misleading users of the Social Network by creating groups that are confusingly similar to the official groups of public authorities, companies, foundations and other organizations, as well as their activities, including through the use of information (images, symbols, signs, etc.) in the names of such groups, or filling them with materials capable of creating a false impression on the Social Network users about the source of their receipt;

7.10. posting a group description that contains additional information apart from the group's purpose and rules of conduct;

7.11. uploading a group avatar that violates clause 4.3.2. of these Requirements;

7.12. using social content for viral promotion of groups/communities (images of sick children, disabled people, the poor, etc., with a request to click the "Like" button for images) aimed at pity and compassion;

7.13. misusing pseudo-airs – multiple issue of pre-prepared video recordings for live broadcasts or unreasonable uploading of videos in broadcast format;

7.14. if the Group has more than 100 Group Participants, changing the Group Name and the category of the Materials, if such name of the Group and the category of the Materials significantly differ in meaning from the previous ones, and misleading the Group Participants regarding the category and purpose of the Group.

8. Liability

8.1.  If a group/event violates these Requirements, the Licensor has the right to suspend, partially or fully block, or delete the group/event.

8.2. The Social Network's Administration may reject a Promo Post if it advertises a competing website.

8.3. If a group fails to comply with these Requirements, the following sanctions shall be imposed:

8.3.1. for the first violation of the Requirements, the Promo Posts are banned from the News Feed for three (3) days;

8.3.2. for the second violation of the Requirements, the group content is banned from the News Feed for three (3) days;

8.3.3. for the third violation of the Requirements, the group content is banned from the News Feed for seven (7) days;

8.3.4. for the fourth violation of the Requirements, the group content is banned from the News Feed for fourteen (14) days;

8.3.5. for the fifth violation of the Requirements, access to the group/event will be suspended unilaterally and without legal action for an unlimited period of time;

8.3.6. if a group/event is managed with the use of spamming mechanisms, access to this group/event will be suspended immediately, unilaterally, and without legal action; the group/event will also be banned from the Social Network without any compensation any expenses or losses;

8.3.7. if a group is managed according to all the rules for four months after being subjected to 4 penalty points, all restrictions resulting from the violation of the Requirements will be lifted, except the restrictions imposed on the group for posting Promo Posts using spamming mechanisms, as per clause 8.3.6. of these Requirements;

8.3.8. the share of Promo Posts in group content shall not exceed 30%, e.g. at least 3 (three) non-promotional posts per 1 (one) Promo Post.

8.3.9. If multiple violations are found in a group/community, the Licensor reserves the right to award any number of Penalty Points up to blocking the group/community.

9. Restrictions on Conducting Charity Groups

9.1. To conduct charity groups, the administrator/moderator of the group shall be guided by the recommendations of the OK social network: https://ok.ru/help/6/3971.

9.2. The name of the charity group should not contain special characters, letters typed s p a c e d , only CAPITALIZED words, exclamation marks and other symbols that call to action.

9.3. All images within the charity group must include a link to the OK social network group.

9.4. The group must have one category set – "Other".

9.5. Photos ( including the group's profile picture) in the charity group must not be of low quality or feature erotic, scary or repulsive content ( including clear signs of illnesses, wounds, injuries, various stages of medical operations, bandaging wounds, preliminary medical and diagnostic activities, etc.).

9.6 Charity groups are prohibited from creating Promo Posts and other advertising materials outside of the topic of the group.

9.7. In groups, not related to charity collection, it is prohibited to publish topics aimed at collecting funds. For such purposes, there should be a separate group.

9.8. The group must specify reliable data on bank and other details for fund raising.

9.9. In the personal profile, the administrator and each moderator of the group must be indicated with a photo and full name.

9.10. The Customer Support Team can request documents and information necessary to validate the authenticity of the details in the group. In the event of refusal to provide this data, the group may be blocked.

10. The current version of these Requirements is available online at: https://ok.ru/groupcontent.

11. The Licensor may unilaterally modify the terms and conditions of these Requirements by publishing a new version hereof or introducing modifications hereto.

Modifications shall come into force when the modified text of the Requirements is posted online at the following address: https://ok.ru/groupcontent. In this regard, the user shall regularly familiarize himself/herself with new versions hereof and comply with the rules of these new versions.

Version dated 09.11.2022.